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The Golf Course

18 holes of pure happiness

The hole by hole course

At Golf Pokemouche, you will have the chance to sail on an exceptional semi-wooded golf course with a length of 5967 yards. We invite you to discover the uniqueness of each hole and its challenges by clicking on their file.

18 holes


Hole #1

To defeat this hole, simply place your ball to the left of the first sand pit. If you succeed, you will have a beautiful green entry. Pay attention to the wind that often comes from the left.

Par 4 - 315 yards

Hole #2

To overcome this hole, simply place your ball to the right of the alley but to the left of the sand pit. Be careful not to place your ball too far to the left of the driveway as the trees could hinder your entry to green.

Par 4 - 337 yards

Hole #3

A fairly short hole that traps many golfers. Be careful not to place your ball too far to the left of the driveway as the trees could hinder your entry to green. Big hitters will be able to cross the canal.

Par 4 - 325 yards

Hole #4

Don't let the lake bother you. A good tee shot will assure you a good result on this hole.

Par 3 - 158 yards

Hole #5

A par 5 hole which is very short but which can sometimes increase your score. A ball struck on the left in the wood represents a stray ball and one on the right represents a ball by chance. On the other hand, a good strike will allow you to enter the green in two.

Par 5 - 453 yards

Hole #6

A par 3 hole that causes golfers a lot of trouble. The lake is certainly a factor but you will also have to pay attention to the wind.

Par 3 - 173 yards

Hole #7

No need to hit a long tee shot on this hole. Just place your ball 100 yards away and then step onto the green. Pay attention to the green! Its slope is high. It would be better to leave the ball at the bottom of the pennant.

Par 4 - 290 yards

Hole #8

The most difficult hole on the ground because of its sand pits. Watch out for the green! It is also quite wavy.

Par 4 - 367 yards

Hole #9

The placement of your ball is important on this hole. A left ball in the wood or a long ball to the right could mean a stray ball. A good strike will leave you the opportunity to enter the green in two.

Par 5 - 479 yards

Hole #10

A relatively easy hole but you will have to aim for the left of the green because it undulates to the left.

Par 3 - 166 yards

Hole #11

A fairly short hole which traps many golfers because the ball must be perfectly placed so they will not have any obstacles in front of the green entry line.

Par 4 - 353 yards

Hole #12

A bogey on this hole represents a good score. You will need three good, well-placed strikes to enter this relatively flat green.

Par 5 - 540 yards

Hole #13

Do not be too greedy on this hole. A ball placed at the 100 yard post will give you the best green start.

Par 4 - 326 yards

Hole #14

A par 3 hole that requires a lot of precision. The ideal move is a hook from left to right to allow the ball to stay on the green.

Par 3 - 200 yards

Hole #15

You could call this hole "The golf ball eater" because of its narrow aisle. Wood is definitely a stray bullet. It would be better to place your ball. Beware of long hitters!

Par 4 - 375 yards

Hole #16

This hole with a huge bend to the left will require two perfect shots to enter the green in two. The most cautious will rather aim for green in three. Watch out for the little lake hidden on the right.

Par 5 - 496 yards

Hole #17

The easiest hole on the ground will surely amaze your senses with its huge pine that keeps the left from the green and its small sand pit that protects the right. The wind is often from the front.

Par 3 - 175 yards

Hole #18

The huge driveway often encourages golfers to get out of wood # 1 but beware of average hitters because they will surely find the water channel.

Par 5 - 528 yards

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The rules

To ensure the enjoyment of golfers, as well as for the safety of all, we ask you to follow the following rules when you visit our club.