2020 Tournaments

Discover below the list of tournaments of the 2020 season

Tournament results 2020

Thank you to the players who have walked our field in great numbers this season and see you next year!
Friday July 31, 2020

Fondation communautaire de la Péninsule acadienne Tournament

Thirty-one (31) teams registered for a total of 124 players. Thank you to all participants for the support. Special thanks to Serge Robichaud and A&W, who sponsored the meal.


The F.J. Brideau Home Hardware team, represented by François Paulin, Samuel Degrâce, Frederic Jones and Maxime Breau, took top honors in the tournament with an impressive score of -18.

Thursday August 13, 2020

Senior Tournament

Saturday August 22 and Sunday August 23, 2020

Club Championship


Our big champion for this edition is Jacob Hall. The women’s division was won by Marie-Mai Haché, the men’s division was won by Ghislain Vienneau and Fernand Robichaud won the senior division.

Congratulations to all!

Saturday August 29, 2020

St-Isidore Asphalte Tournament


1st position: Score -13
Robert Poirier
Michel poirier
Stephane McGraw

2nd position: Score -11
Stephane Drysdelle
Benoit Drysdelle
Kirk ferguson
Frederic Losier

3rd position: Score -10
Dave cowan
Sylvio Lanteigne

Women’s Team
Marie-Claire Losier
Helene ferguson
Milene Haché
Victoria Lainey

Saturday September 5, 2020

Family tournament

The family tournament was held on Saturday September 5th. Participation was excellent with 31 teams entered for a total of 130 players.


5 players – Men – Score: 63
Daniel Robichaud, Adam Robichaud, Mathieu mercure, Geatan Robichaud and Stan Robichaud

5 players – Mixed – Score: 60
Bernard Ferguson, Gisèle Ferguson, Ryan Ferguson, Hélène Ferguson and Kirk Ferguson

4 players – Men – Score: 62
Stéphane David, René-Guy David, Allain David and Ghislain David

4 players – Mixed – Score: 63
Maxime Breau, Véronique Breau, Remi Breau and Nelly Breau

6 players – Mixed – Score: 58
Karine Duguay, Yves Duguay, Marc-André Duguay, Alexis Landry, Mathieu Duguay and Éric Duguay

Saturday September 19 and Sunday September 20, 2020

Pêcheries Belle-Îles / Entreprise Shippagan Tournament


Sunday September 27, 2020

Amitié Tournament – Eliette Losier


Saturday October 3, 2020

Closing Tournament

Participation was excellent in the last tournament of the season: 30 teams registered for a total of 120 players. Thanks everyone!


Pier-Luc Hébert, Jean-Samuel Lagacé, Andy Haché and Jonathan Cormier

Yvon Thériault, Anne Duguay, Linda Robichaud and Jean-André Robichaud

Special thanks to our sponsors:
Acadia New
Molson (Adam Robichaud)
F.J Brideau Home Hardware Renovation Center

Sunday October 18, 2020

End of season tournament

The last tournament of the year was on October 18th. The turnout was excellent. Thirty (30) teams have registered for a total of 120 players.